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Today the Sidemen attempt to find a fake couple!
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14. feb.. 2021





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Long Johnson
Long Johnson 2 timer siden
Why does this remind me of late 90s mtv?
Lori Woodworth
Lori Woodworth 2 timer siden
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Attila Bathó
Attila Bathó 3 timer siden
The moment the guy was shaking his head fast at the gf i knew they r the fake couple
Arch Bradley
Arch Bradley 4 timer siden
Ummm @beta squad
Valon Velija
Valon Velija 4 timer siden
Production : First channel video Video concept, acting, expectations, public demand.. basically content : Second channel video
Affan Siddiqui
Affan Siddiqui 6 timer siden
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Adam 12 timer siden
34:15 Guy: "I've had the watch for three weeks" Girl: "I think his ex bought the watch" That was sus. The guy's ex girl bought him a watch, and within three weeks, he broke up with her and got a new girlfriend.
Stop blahda
Stop blahda 13 timer siden
The premise of this video doesn’t make sense 😭😭 if the objective is to eliminate the real couples then why are the couples trying so hard to seem real, they should try hard to be fake or it should be reversed. Trying to find the real couple amongst a bunch of fakes would make more sense if u want the contestants to act like a couple. Why would they act like a couple if they want to avoid being eliminated
Stop blahda
Stop blahda 3 timer siden
@AntonR Nik if the real couples wanted to win the game they should’ve lied so that way they wouldn’t be eliminated and at the end the sidemen lose, but for some reason the real couples did the opposite and wanted to prove they were real and get themselves eliminated??? Idk why that would make sense in a game
Stop blahda
Stop blahda 3 timer siden
@AntonR Nik nah bruh for instance the couple w the dude that did the push ups and had tattoos, they were a real couple and they asked them a question like “what are the tats on ur boyfriends arm” she answered the question correctly... if the point of the game is to trick the sidemen then she should’ve answered the question wrong. All the real couples should’ve been lying in order to throw the sidemen off. They all told the truth which is why the one fake couple stuck out like a sore thumb from the beginning. The video was entertaining but the premise was just wrong lmaooo. All the real couples proved they were real and didn’t try to deceive the sidemen so it just didn’t make sense. They put all the pressure to lie on to one couple and that’s why the black dude in the fake couple was so anxious and jumpy, cuz he was the only one lying
AntonR Nik
AntonR Nik 6 timer siden
no the point is to find the fake couple, and since they all speak the "truth" it's hard for the sidemen to determine who the fake couple is. in other terms, among us emergency meeting but couples haha amogus funy right
The Echoler
The Echoler 15 timer siden
I knew it all along because all the others were normal
Genderfluidturtle 18 timer siden
If I get 100 subs am sending for vik
ᓍᕵ 21 time siden
Josh calling out the watch was so mental, legit can be a anime scene
nikita voronik
nikita voronik 22 timer siden
when the guy was two ages my face was like (?#?)
jakob jensen
jakob jensen 23 timer siden
4:24 What video is this?
Rachel Bowen
Rachel Bowen Dag siden
5:50 onwards
Adam Anam
Adam Anam Dag siden
Has nobody noticed that they copied the beta squad
Pog Content
Pog Content Dag siden
10:40 Intelligence
matt waldman
matt waldman Dag siden
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bruh this man did push ups in AirForce1s
stan Zuurendonk
stan Zuurendonk Dag siden
When part 2?
Matt F
Matt F Dag siden
It was obviously Ferland Mendy
Ananya Srivastava
did nobody notice that harry is wearing the supreme hoodie he got from the sidemen have to spend 100000 in 5 mins video
Ryder Thibodeau
Ryder Thibodeau Dag siden
I felt the success in the end cause I thought it was them too! 😂
MugTheBoss Dag siden
Ksi is moving mad
iiSxftGl0ssii _
iiSxftGl0ssii _ Dag siden
Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes 7 timer siden
Dude that’s insane!!!!
DJE beenz
DJE beenz Dag siden
“Make out with each other” ez win
Jerísia Vieira
Jerísia Vieira Dag siden
Please do this again!!
Abi Montague
Abi Montague Dag siden
Love that someone actually knows where Lincolnshire is
joel 2 dager siden
Even with the negative test, how was this allowed lol?
Dj Skeng
Dj Skeng 2 dager siden
It was madisan now cloe
suryajk 2 dager siden
Lol subscribe my channel
Jonny Robins
Jonny Robins 2 dager siden
Fake couple: we’ve been together few weeks.... I bought this watch 3 weeks ago..... his ex bought him it
Jajksj Hsjhjs
Jajksj Hsjhjs 2 dager siden
30:45 thank me later
Thom GT
Thom GT 2 dager siden
Wait is that Mr.Memeio?
David Østergaard
David Østergaard 2 dager siden
The fake couple should get together
Jake Else
Jake Else 2 dager siden
Anyone else just think the fake guy was just cocky and didn't like him
YRN_ SHADOW 2 dager siden
Brooo I wonder if the fake couple are dating after that
CJ Crump
CJ Crump 2 dager siden
I am only at 49:00 but i think that one great question or action the sidemen should have done once they got to the last 2 and were certain one of them was fake would be to ask opposite couples kiss to see who got upset
molly ross
molly ross 2 dager siden
when they danced i got the ick so bad 😬🤚
Amanda Stone
Amanda Stone 2 dager siden
I knew who wasn't a couple b4 the sidemen started eliminating who they thought were couples
Elena 2 dager siden
what part did they talk about favourite song?
Takasu .MP3
Takasu .MP3 2 dager siden
I would have just asked them to both turn around, and if they’ve got a pet ask them to say the name at the same time
Uncle P87
Uncle P87 2 dager siden
Doggy, show them, Lord I am deaf 😂😂😂😂
Coko W
Coko W 2 dager siden
I can't believe they faked it for so long. Sidemen u dragged this one out.
Chishimba Chimanya
Chishimba Chimanya 2 dager siden
Why is the couple in the back the only one that doesn't have the girl in the right side
Jack Ranson
Jack Ranson 2 dager siden
Julal 2 dager siden
DI STÉFANO 2 dager siden
Pi invitation code: KAndEZa always active
Exotic YT
Exotic YT 2 dager siden
Do a vid where all couples are fake and one real
Jayaun 2 dager siden
almanar Projects
almanar Projects 2 dager siden
Ethan Harry and Josh best trio
beata blanda
beata blanda 3 dager siden
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Sahara Suvillan
Sahara Suvillan 3 dager siden
Please anthoer😂
Ryou Isono
Ryou Isono 3 dager siden
what did Harry say in 1:28?
Holden Streich
Holden Streich 3 dager siden
My jaw dropped when Spencer’s mom and dad sang I thought for sure it was them
ラブユー 3 dager siden
great video! 🥰❤️😡🙏
ラブユー 3 dager siden
Dyh 3 dager siden
JJ walks out “my man is punching over there” 😂
Stephen Lynch
Stephen Lynch 3 dager siden
Hmm. So no lgbtq+ couples. Not very representative 😡
Black Epic
Black Epic 3 dager siden
This was too cringy to watch 😭
King Kong
King Kong 3 dager siden
JJ is moving mad 5:50
Dorothy Sanders
Dorothy Sanders 3 dager siden
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Pablo Silva Maldonado
Pablo Silva Maldonado 3 dager siden
I just realized that all the real couples, the girl was to the left and the guy on the right. The fake couple it was the opposite he was on the left she was to the right of him.
Jbreezy Dag siden
Interesting detail there
Emperor 3 dager siden
I knew who were the fake couple in like 5 minutes 😭😭😭
shay sakhi
shay sakhi 3 dager siden
I definitely didn’t think they were the fake couple😂
Nelson Oke
Nelson Oke 3 dager siden
I realized No3 the guy kept wiping his lips everytime they kiss
Hey Hi
Hey Hi 3 dager siden
That’s my dance teacher 😂
JustMePablo 4 dager siden
Best vid they have done so far this year
kyle picking
kyle picking 4 dager siden
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shahala begum
shahala begum 4 dager siden
40:43 that dance was nice ngl😂💜
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez 4 dager siden
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Cractrak Official
Cractrak Official 4 dager siden
Those push-ups weren't at a clean form 27:47
Kalkalio Kal
Kalkalio Kal 4 dager siden
First of all Birmingham is West Midlands not east 😂
Pug Life
Pug Life 4 dager siden
Ayo wait wtf. The fake couple were actually telling the truth but they are “technically” not a couple. But they still well associate with each other and they were not lying. 😂😂wtf that defeats the purpose. Isn’t one “couple” Meant to be lying versus 4 couple telling the truth. So basically every single pair of them were all not lying. This is legit messed up😂😂
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu 4 dager siden
Every sub I get is a day without 🤜🥩
Silent Panda
Silent Panda 4 dager siden
This is basically jubilee
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu 4 dager siden
Someone notes Mandy rose 😅
Antonyms Ty
Antonyms Ty 4 dager siden
Another episode
King Jokrr
King Jokrr 4 dager siden
the couple that showed doggy bro in front of strangers, I need to hang out with them they seem very fun xD
Mona 4 dager siden
Love them
Jeff Shittles
Jeff Shittles 4 dager siden
ayo jj
Rhys Anderson-james
Rhys Anderson-james 4 dager siden
Knew it from the start
S Parkins
S Parkins 4 dager siden
These type of videos won’t get the views but are definitely amongst the most entertaining
Jacob Ulima
Jacob Ulima 4 dager siden
They just trying to make a prob video at this point on NOsections 😂😂😂😂😂😂
kylle duremdes
kylle duremdes 4 dager siden
more of this
SirSnufflelots 4 dager siden
*[Laughs along to the video in painfully single]*
Andy mae
Andy mae 4 dager siden
We all saw on camera Ethan's ears didn't move😶
Staci Sandoval
Staci Sandoval 4 dager siden
People would think my husband and I are fake if they ask us to hug or stare into each other’s eyes 😂 I HATE hugs and eye contact. It is so awkward.
Sauce 4 dager siden
3:06 fake id say
Jeremiah Seenarine
Jeremiah Seenarine 4 dager siden
poo pee poo poo
Jeremiah Seenarine
Jeremiah Seenarine 4 dager siden
poo poo pee poo
CM _
CM _ 5 dager siden
What’s the banger that couple said was there song 😂
Sibi Sibi
Sibi Sibi 5 dager siden
Someone notes Mandy rose 😅
Ralph 5 dager siden
Every sub I get is a day without 🤜🥩
opzz xsin
opzz xsin 5 dager siden
"I can tell the fake from the fraud" -KSI 2020
Nathan-sullivan 5 dager siden
This is sickkkkk!!
Grayson Wilson
Grayson Wilson 5 dager siden
yo respect for jj for mentioning sadfewords
George O'Neill
George O'Neill 5 dager siden
TMI from couple 3
Jake Bryant
Jake Bryant 5 dager siden
The fake couple kiss 30:46
opzz xsin
opzz xsin 5 dager siden
The sore berry morphologically relax because select wessely pat opposite a like acknowledgment. stereotyped, awful propane
Jake Bryant
Jake Bryant 5 dager siden
aseel saleh
aseel saleh 5 dager siden
Yaw Poku
Yaw Poku 5 dager siden
Love it
mEmmE 5*5*5*
mEmmE 5*5*5* 5 dager siden
Nazbaz 5 dager siden
I guessed it in the first few minutes of the video 😂😂 And everything they did to prove themselves I literally just backed my thoughts with “well yeah, they’re friends....”
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